July 16th
nice latinobeats
July 16th
hey Strobi, hey John
very late set ...just 8pm for me tho
cool..!how was the first round at the beachbar
diiging it ... time to relax to the tunes
he´s techno legend
enjoeyd it Strobi thanks, i´ll listen your sunday set
good nite
July 15th
AngelXS made 3 comments on AngelXS's MY DEEP MONDAY
Evening !!
Welcome of course
last 15 minutes
July 14th
hi Digital
nice technoish
and proggy
haha ,....shout out to Mozart
he wasnt deaf
me too
dont know much about opera etc
..good luck Strobi
enjoy it Digital
peace out
July 14th
hi Strobi
hi Brittney
July 13th
AngelXS made 5 comments on July13th
good ...
till next time
July 13th
July 13th
AngelXS made 11 comments on July13th
hello Aureal
nice techy going on here
cheers Mike
now ourt of the blue politicians and celebrities coming out spreading the benefits of cryptocurrencies
im fine...
when you´re trying to have a fantastic weekend and the you realizes reading enonomic news is not the best idea .... haha
yes ...bad news that 99% of people are unaware of how strong it hit their lives ... bad news for the power that be.... good news for hodlers
love this deep techy ♫♫♫
hi Caleb
July 13th
AngelXS made 13 comments on AngelXS's Show
let ´s groove
thanks Mike welcome
hi funkyhouse
woop !!
thank you
alright Mike .. more of bouncing sutff for next hour
i´ll play 2 more
thanks for joined me Mike , Funkyhouse
July 13th
AngelXS commented on AngelXS's Show
starting in 15 m inutes
July 12th
yhanks Vania , ope you liked it
July 11th
...and how can Brittney paint in the dark... lol
and lgihts
hi Dubpets
the sooner the better to jump in to btc
btc with some alt coins
hi Gamlor
great set . night there guys..
bye Galiax bye Dubpets good to see you