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The Punch and Judy Progressive Rock Show - Jan 20th

January 19th

Originally "AiiR"ed Sunday, Jan 20th
AiiRadio is proud to present The Premier of "The Punch and Judy Progressive Rock Show" with your host Heidi! This show will primarily be made up of progressive rock and related, but also the occasional off-genre pick. This week's show features fabulous music from the likes of Sun Domingo, Absolace, Also Eden, All Human Parts, Crack the Sky, Days Between Stations, Camelias Garden, Cirrha Niva, Big Big Train, Sylvan, Glowpeople, Edison's Children, Pie Q, Slackshop, Bang Sugar Bang, Kiryu 桐, Dead Heroes Club, Cast of Mind, Dark Suns, Beyond the Bridge and more preeminent independent artists from all around the globe!

progressive Metal rock indie jazz melodic symphonic

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