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The Female Fronted Rock and Metal Show - Oct 1st

September 29th

Originally "AiiR"ed Monday, Oct 1st at 2pm Eastern
On the show... The AiiRadio Premiers of Swedish Indvstrial Metallers Rave The Reqviem with fierce tracks from their forthcoming release 'FVNERAL [sic] and German Death Metallers Mir Zur Feier with face-melting sounds from their EP release 'Ein Streifen Wirklichkeit' and new to the show from the UAE... Ascendant with incredible sounds from their release 'A Thousand Echoes'!
Featuring music from fabulous artists like Amanda Sommerville's Trillium, Pokerface, Divine Ascension, Ravenscry, Kandia, Beyond Forgiveness, Lion Twin, Disdained, Digital Criminals, Lilygun, Guitar Force, Tower, Dawn of Eternity, Occoeur, Maini Sorri, Evolucija, Art Of Pain and more amazing independent artist from around the globe!

Progressive metal rock indie Melodic symphonic

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