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The Female Fronted Rock and Metal Show - July 22nd

July 22nd

Originally "AiiR"ed Monday, July 22nd at 2pm New York
On the show this week... The AiiRadio Premier of German Dark Rock/Gothic/Doom Metal Duo The Crow & The Phenix with their brilliant second single 'Control' The Crow & The Phenix are Julia Kahlert & David Timsit, former lead singers of Mirrored in Secrecy as well as the awesome new single "From Hell" by Madison, Wisconsin Death Metallers Casket Robbery
! Featuring music from fabulous artists like Evereal, The Commander In Chief, Le Reverie, Blackthorn, Jessica Wolff, Sleeping Romance, Leather Leone, Magica, Storyum, Lion Twin, Collibus, Mental Circus, Eigensinn, Flaming Row, Levania, Ideas, Adastia, This Elegant Chaos, Divided We Fall, Reism, Nevicate and more amazing independent artist from around the globe!

progressive metal Rock indie JAZZ melodic symphonic

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