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The Circle of Fifths - June 18th

June 19th

First "AiiR"ed Tuesday, June 18th at 8pm New York
This week's Circle featured The AiiRadio Premiers of a classic rock nā€™ roll quintet from the heart of western Kentucky Kiss Kiss Bang with with excellent sounds from their new release 'Hearts on Fire', Epic Metallers Sangreal hailing from Milan, Italy with amazing tracks from their self-titled release and German Power Metallers Blind Cross with killer cuts from their forthcoming release 'Merciless Time'!
Plus, music from outstanding artists like Anathema, The Royal, Mob Rules, The Intersphere, Come Taste The Band, The End Machine, Lion Twin, Taste, Perfect Plan, Black Diamonds, Drakkar, Redrum, State of Salazar, Anguish Force, Divided Multitude, Crown Of Autumn, The Filth Hounds, Godhead Machinery, Chapter7 and more.

progressive metal rock indie JAZZ melodic symphonic

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