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Saturday Flight Live - May 4th

May 4th

Originally "AiiR"ed Saturday, May 4th at 1pm Eastern
This flight featured the AiiRadio Premiers of Grammy Award Winning legendary music icon and master of progressive rock, Alan Parsons with sounds from the fabulous new release 'The Secret', Phoenix Thrashers Flotsam & Jetsam with absolutely killer cuts from their new release 'The End Of Chaos' and L.A. based rockers Fortune with terrific tracks from their new release 'II' as well as bone-crushing new brilliance by German Metallers Iron Savior coming from their new release 'Kill Or Get Killed'!
There's also electrifying music by Freedom Call, Mystery, Subsignal, Coldspell, Bigelf, Schubert In Rock, Lion Twin, Tad Morose, Pendulum Of Fortune, Anthem アンセム, Spartan Warrior, Crying Steel, Great Leap Skyward, Buckets Rebel Heart, Kamion, External and more fantastic independent artists from around the globe!

progressive metal rock indie JAZZ melodic symphonic

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