June 1st
Aaron Lamb made 6 comments on Deep Frequencies Ep.023
the vino runs strong tonight
strong stuff
thats vino on crack
happens to the best of us
lay off the pasta and cheese, you'll be fine
March 7th
hola hermosa
the family is all here
I'm not sure if I'm going to touch that one even if it cheeky
/facepalm /SMH
have a boring and dull life I suspect
meh, my feeling about A7H have tanked over the past couple of years
January 9th
January 8th
Aaron Lamb made 4 comments on Viva La Funk Redux
meh, tech fail
hey hey bro ham
January 8th
Aaron Lamb made 2 comments on Viva La Funk 2017
t minus 1 and counting
40 secs
December 17th
November 28th
November 27th
November 27th
Aaron Lamb made 11 comments on Saturday Night Tech
evening yall
tis ok
steam will be availble after its done
i never spun any of this music before
all new shit
its almost pronographic music heh
l8tr broham
is that a complaint or just a statement?
ok this monolouge mike should have heard this
thnx for listening
November 25th
Aaron Lamb made 13 comments on TECHNOLOGIC by STEVEGMIA
you put tensil up?
I plan on doing sets all week
I'm recovering from a bad motorcycle wreck
yeah I wrecked in Sept
moto guzzi
oh the type you survive
I dont know how but I did
incoming call from the big gian head
indeed, and I am definitely not in my 20's anymore
yeah I had the coiche of a deer, oak tree or sign, I took out the sigh and my head went through the windshield
...no helmet either
November 25th
September 10th
September 10th
Aaron Lamb made 9 comments on Breakin it down
will later, setup is a bit weir at the moment
thnx, trying to dig out my proggy stuff
sorry, getting a little nostalgic i guess
got 1 more then im done
Ok so Kunduit huh?
probably should send me a link
K, i'll check it out tomorrow
thanks for hanging
unexpected set tonight, genre wise too
September 10th
Aaron Lamb went live
Aaron Lamb Breakin it down
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September 10th
September 9th
Aaron Lamb made 23 comments on Aaron Lamb _ I'm Here
you just made this shit pile of a night better
I love you old man
dude bad week
I have to text or sherry here in idy will explain
my love
shall we go deep now?
next track is for us
blast from the past
yeah i'm doing what julia says
bff and all
whats amazing
shity night
all my ppl come out
omfg xoxoxox
im going to die now....all my ppes are here
van.. howdy
trust me, this is aproduct of me, julia, and mike
mike, next track is u broham
mike is doing bad thing to homself
huin i luv u