October 14th
10053r made 8 comments on The Shrimptastic Voyage
yo 3L
yo Dizzy
was great
thanks for it
October 14th
10053r made 10 comments on The Shrimptastic Voyage
yo mr Sci, Brady, FD and Ghoul
yo Ismo
yo Luther
yo Zazze
Luther, what a kind of monitoring?
concentrate well then on ur point
alot of data
September 30th
10053r made 58 comments on DARKMUSIC 24/7
aha aha
hey FD
theoretically yes 53r
but it comes from leet speak a bit
from 1337 5P34K sure
and is a literally LOOSER if decrypted
bingo xD
what that? xD
dunno, but sometimes i loose my beats
and then
lose it, lol
sad but true
which kind of pain?
well, i dropped it b4 cuz was not rly nice mixed w/ postpunk xD
on chew was some vocals too
it means Brad session
but we can't get a truth i guess
video w/ conspiracy
i watched vid and in background was postpunk xD
aha, get it again, thx
love is a shield
i knew it, lol
lol i wasnt in bed today
and should went again outside in a hour
i need coffee
lol, reading this channel description
not basically sure about time, cuz i got 01:47 yet, lol
harder stuff like what? xD
yep, Berlin time
every capital is a party friendly
should i decrease it? xD
i guess that all human species is a same thing, just only DNA fingerprint is different
hippy yeah xD
love, peace and RnR
in space too
well, it can be called Anarchy too
not just happy hippie, lol
can be true
well, im preparing for take off
yeah, till next time
dunno when i come back, but see yall l8r
peace and tc, peepz
where am i?
is it
September 28th
thanks, Brad
it never happens to us, but yet happens :D
September 28th
aha xD
let me in
thats nice
he used same arrival method xD
yo arch
well, if its a double then should be a .55 at least
smaller than