August 16th
August 3rd
August 2nd
August 2nd
313.FM made 4 comments on Planet Funk Ep 266
Fixed. Thanks.
Thanks for tuning in Emakus!!!
Will do!
July 25th
July 21st
then the stream crashes coming back shortly
Hey there Bacon
question do we want to use Chew Chat for the update to the website?
Alright 👍
bacon do I have you singing?
are you ready for the big one?!!!!
kk :)
this one is for you Bacon!
back when Tiesto was a good Producer?
have a awesome night Bacon sleep well
July 14th
\o/ \\o o//
June 22nd
June 21st
June 17th
June 14th
June 14th
313.FM made 11 comments on Planet Funk Ep 263
Ha, yup.
What's up?
Haha, yeah, I finally got to it.
I miss-named two of the shows though.
Yeah, and one of the Planet Funk episodes.
I accidentally switched them.
Yes, sir!
Yeah, he went first.
And that's hilarious. That thing got her right in the face.
Thanks for tuning in!!!!!
June 7th
313.FM made 5 comments on Planet Funk Ep 262
What's up!?
Hope to see you.
I won't be there until later on Saturday, but Friday I should be there all day.
May 31st
313.FM made 8 comments on Planet Funk Ep 261
Haha, probably.
It was a vinyl shop.
Save The Vinyl.
Owned by Blake Baxter.
We did. And it sucks.
Hopefully something will happen for next year.
Maybe just move it to Canada. Haha.
Hand the reigns off to Woodward for 30 seconds and all the levels are off and one of the cameras stops working, heh.
May 27th
Hey! Thanks for tuning in!
What's up, Rene Kim!!!?!?!?!
We're in Detroit.
Ha. How is Denmark?
Yes, Brent.
And why your own fault?
Get on making new music! Haha.
Wicked! Do it up! If you work on more music, feel free to send it. I'll still promote it on the show!
May 27th
May 27th
May 26th
have a awesome night everyone and a safe movement
May 26th
May 26th
313.FM made 8 comments on Into The Zone Eps 43
can you hear it now
after watching Eric Prydz at EDC I have been inspired by his progression
free FX videos on random :D
One day I will get on cam I promise
PLUR...... Thank you!
May 26th
313.FM made 2 comments on Into The Zone Eps 43
the wait for trance is real
\o Huet behind the keys on 313 :D
May 25th
May 24th
313.FM made 2 comments on Planet Funk Ep 260
Thanks for tuning in ZeeksGIrl!
Hahahaha! Awesome!
May 23rd
May 23rd
313.FM made 2 comments on Planet Funk Ep 260
Got that CDJ on speed dial. :P