January 11th
313.FM made 3 comments on Planet Funk Ep 243
Yeah, sorry guys. Something went wonky with my soundcard.
Had to restart. Created a new stream.
Was trying to fix it. New stream should be up. Blah.
January 4th
December 21st
December 21st
313.FM commented on Planet Funk Ep 240
Thanks guys!!!!
December 18th
December 18th
thanks for tuning in! will try to do better with track id next time ;)
December 18th
Here we come ;-)
December 8th
December 8th
December 4th
December 4th
December 1st
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November 30th
November 30th
313.FM made 6 comments on Planet Funk Ep 238
:) Thanks @spkrjnky !
Haha! Been there too many times.
Hahaha! VERY Detroit right there. :P
Where are you from?
Ah, word. Nice!
I had a friend that stayed out in Fenton. Was a pain giving him rides, haha. But he moved to Ferndale, so much closer now.
November 28th
November 27th
We will get to the tunes in 5
November 26th
November 23rd
313.FM made 5 comments on Planet Funk Ep 237
Sorry, we usually have our own chat setup on 313.FM so we don't check this one regularly.
Thanks for tuning in everyone.
As far as Lindsay's Soundcloud, she mentioned she does not have one setup yet.
No worries, AngelXS.
Also, thanks, @chew for the feature!
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November 21st
November 20th
oh boy!
November 9th
November 8th
November 7th
November 7th
November 6th
Thanks for the Love
Sunday's from 7-10 EST
November 5th
November 5th
October 29th
Woot Woot!!!
Norm Talley's new Beats on Broadway
October 25th
313.FM went live
313.FM Planet Funk Ep 233
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October 24th
October 23rd
October 23rd
October 22nd
We in here!