December 13th
December 5th
November 27th
November 23rd
November 22nd
313.FM made 2 comments on Planet Funk Ep 282
Thanks, Galiax!
Where you tuning in from?
November 17th
Oh awesome I am glad you enjoyed it
November 8th
313.FM made 2 comments on Planet Funk Ep 280
Thanks, Larry! Really appreciate it!
Thanks djenriquesequndo. :)
November 7th
November 1st
November 1st
313.FM commented on Planet Funk Ep 279
October 10th
October 6th
October 6th
This is Brent by the way. Haha.
September 26th
313.FM commented on Planet Funk Ep 274
September 26th
September 13th
September 12th
September 12th
September 11th
September 7th
September 1st
Hey there Galiax
Have a awesome night!
August 23rd
313.FM made 6 comments on Planet Funk Ep 269
Hey hey!
Just got back from getting snacks, haha.
I did play the remixes earlier.
Going to play the original during midway break.
August 20th
August 16th
August 3rd
August 2nd
August 2nd
313.FM made 4 comments on Planet Funk Ep 266
Fixed. Thanks.
Thanks for tuning in Emakus!!!
Will do!
July 25th
July 21st
then the stream crashes coming back shortly
Hey there Bacon
question do we want to use Chew Chat for the update to the website?
Alright 👍
bacon do I have you singing?
are you ready for the big one?!!!!
kk :)
this one is for you Bacon!
back when Tiesto was a good Producer?
have a awesome night Bacon sleep well